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CMX8GX3M2A1600C9 freezes computer randomly (but very frequently)


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EDIT: The ram reference on the topic is for the XMS3 2x4gb 1600Mhz


The motherboard is the Gigabyte UX58-UD3R rev 1.0 with BIOS F11 (latest stable), but already tried the latest beta F12i.


I have 4 ddr3 slots filled with 4 sticks of XMS3 Model: CMX8GX3M2A1600C9, totaling 16gb (4x4gb)


The system is not stable at all, it freezes unexpectedly, no matter if i am doing some burn tests (intelburntest, prime95, linx), or merely browsing/working lightly.


I have tried everything i could think of/or read about in the internet, forums, etc. On the motherboard BIOS i tried to use the profile1, which sets all the voltages and configurates everything automatically for this ram. Tried quite a few settings, like increasing the voltages of both the ram and QPI/vtt (tried qpi from 1.2 to 1.34 and ddr from 1.5 to 1.68). Did a fresh format/windows install but it stills freezes. With memtest86, it ran ok for a while, but on second attempt, it gave errors. Hard to diagnose like this.


Tried my previous ram (******** valueram 3x2gb 1333mhz - on ddr slot 1,2 and 4, like the motherboard manual suggests) and it never freezes, no matter what i do or how many days i leave it on.


Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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Have you tested ONE kit at a time? If not, then please do so using the latest version of Memtest (link's on the left).


Note that there's no guarantee that 2 kits will work together as they haven't been tested together (not to mention that you've got a 1 in 9 chance that the ICs between kits are from the same manufacturer).

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already did that. ran memtest on each stick independently.


Surprisingly, the computer rebooted automatically at different percentage on each stick. Any meaning on this? I assume something must be wrong?


also, checked both boxes (a box for each pair of ram sticks) and their are both made in taiwan.


could it be some conflict between motherboard and ram? its very frustrating to hear the guys from the store say this ram is close to infalible and yet i am experiencing all these lock ups.


to clear my previous email: i configured the BIOS to use the extreme memory profile (XMP) of the sticks, which configured all the settings automatically. it freezes on windows logo like this. manual settings get it further but freezes when it feels like it. and it feels like it frequently.

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yes, i can understand the logic, but that would mean i would have problems with other ram sticks.


with my old ram, 3 x 2gb 1333ghz, i dont get any errors or hangs whatsoever, only with these 4 x 4gb 1600mhz sticks, so it kinda throws the logic out of the window.


today i returned the ram to the store. they said they are going to check it. if they dont find anything wrong with them, i will be stuck with ram that doesnt work on my motherboard. meaning i will have to get a new one, hopefully compatible.


well, i will know in a week or so.


thank you for all your input. i will still update this thread with the result so it stays as reference. keeping fingers crossed to get things sorted out. either new working ram or some other model that works with my hardware. again, thanks.

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Just to post a follow up on this issue.


Got the RAM back from the store with the note that its working. They said they tested it and found no problems. :-P


Still, i put it on my pc and hell breaks loose.


After talking to a tech friend, i was told i should add only 3 sticks, instead of 4, to make for triple-channel. And he found VERY weird that my board (gigabyte ex58-ud3r rev1.0) only has 4 ddr slots. They all have 6, so it seems. As a fact, my pc is more stable with just 3 sticks. Coincidence?


Anyway, i messed with the voltages a bit more and this is where i am at:


- Have 3 sticks (3x4gb) on the pc;

- Manual set: 9,9,9,24, 2

- QPI/Vtt: 1.3

- DDRAM: 1.68 (settings jump for each 0.02, and from 1.66, the voltage shows in purple)


The system seems very stable when it boots. Had it on intel burn test v2 for quite some hours. Prime95 always and tried OCCT. Even stressed vid card with furmark and tessmark.


Like i said, its stable WHEN it boots, because every morning it takes several resets to boot, and when it does, i get a warning on POST about overclocking voltages problem and i have to re-configure all the voltages and settings.


Any hints on what else i could do? I have a stable system with my old ram, with these, it should be a breeze also, but it isnt.


Also, noticed on a different thread that a user asked if these DDR's had XMP. They do, it sets all the values automatically, but it makes my pc freeze when the windows logo appears. Always at that moment.


Any help is highly appreciated. Dont know what else to do. Buying a new motherboard because of this RAM is a bit too much, considering everything works with the old ones.



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Damn, didn't notice it was a Core i7 9x. Yeah, there's some triple channel systems out there with 4 slots. Idiotic design.


Still gotta come back to the fact that each individual stick tested with errors. Still brings it back to the motherboard or CPU.

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