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It probably came out after the motherboard did. If it's on the Memory Finder, it's compatible. Then again, I haven't seen a triple stick kit that's NOT compatible with any X58 setup. Just keep in mind you've got to OC that CPU quite a bit to allow it to run memory at that speed.
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Ye I made a thread too about the speed the cpu should run to allow the memory to run at its rated speed. Please anwser this question it would make things quite clear for alot of people. So would a overclock to 4ghz be enough or does it have to be more? Because if it does have to be more then such a overclock air cooling or those watercooling units (e.g h50) arent enough anymore most of the time. Meaning alot of people would have to invest in better cooling or else there memory wont run at its rated speeds. It would clean up your forum a bit I think. Seeing there are numerous threads on this memory.

And yeah I have seen those values in your overclock section with the guy posting his results for his dominator kit but those overclocks are quite extreme.

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you guys this is what I am running. At the moment I have backed off to 1900 for the memory ude to the limiting factor which seems to be Uncore Frequency which does not want to go above 4000 Mhz.


A CPU clock ratio of 23

Gives a CPU Frequency of 4.37 GHz

A QPI clock ratio of 36

QPI Link speed of 6.84 GHz

Uncore Clock Ratio of 21

Uncore Frequency of 3990 MHz (This seems to be my bottleneck I cannot go above 4000 MHz)

BCLK Frequency of 190

System Memory Multiplier 10

PCI Express Frequency 102


Load Line Calibration level 2

CPU Vcore 1.30625 V

QPI/VTT 1.495 V

QPI PLL 1.28 V

IOH Core 1.200 V

ICH Core 1.180 V

Dram Voltage 1.680 V

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