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Airflow Pro Cables too short!


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I have the Asus Crosshair IV Extreme Mobo... and I want to use my lovely new Airflow Pro with it however the ram goes into the ram slots with the connector for the AFP at the bottom which means the cables supplied are only long enough for me to mount the AFP "Upside-Down" in a tower enclosure...Which is a shame because I'm really happy with the rest of the look of my new build!


Are there any longer cables available so that I can mount the AFP the right way up?



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I am having the same issue with my Gigabyte motherboard. The cable is way too short if you have the connector on the Ram and the Connector on the AirFlow Pro on opposite sides of the ram stick. I had to mount mine "upside down". It would be nice to have an option to either buy longer cables or include them in the kit.
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I decided to have a go myself, and it's not too bad a job.


I realised that I had two spare cables as the AFP comes with 6 cables for boards that can handle that many memory modules, as mine supports a maximum of 4 I have no problems with experimenting with the two spares



First I cut the two spares into halves, making 4 "extensions"



I then stripped the ends of about 4mm of insulation and tinned the wires




As the wires were so close together I had to think of a way to solder the extensions onto the original cables without too much struggling...In the end I decided the easiest way was to remove the plastic from the connector leaving just the tiny crimp terminals...



Then insert the tinned ends of the extensions into the terminals and Crimp them shut



Followed by Soldering and Heatshrink Tubing



Leaving me with 4 cables all about 8cm longer than the originals, just enough to get the AFP the right way up on AMD Boards!



This was quite easy really, but it really helped to have a proper wire stripper (the automatic grip and strip type) as I could strip all 5 wires at the same time.


Hurrah - Finally the right way up!




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Nicely done! I had considered making my own too, but I don't have any heat shrink on hand and was curious how much a pre made one would go for. Those pics are pretty inspiring though, will have to give it a go.


Yeah heat shrink is pretty much essential I think, the wires are so tiny I'm not sure insulating tape would cut it!


Good luck!

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