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I have exactly the same problem than vonbon : http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=91995 except that I have sent parts one week ago and it isn't arrived yet.

So when parts will arrive, will they send me back parts ? Because the RMA number I had seems to doesn't exist anymore and I don't want to pay again for sending the parts. (The USB key (a corsair survivor 8GB) has already cost 24-27€ to me and the sending costs to the "corsair return department" cost me 7€60, so 7€60x2...)




Edit : case number was 1821469 and I had a RMA number #1202117.

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I was given this by email :

To check the status of your RMA, please click on the link below:



This link worked until Tuesday. Now, when I go on this link, I have a page with 404 not found. And when I go in support -> Check Status of a Request (http://www.corsair.com/support/technicalsupport), and enter my case, I have : Case ID and/or Password are Incorrect.

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We're sorry for the trouble. We launched our new website this week and we're still working through all of the pending issues that have crept up.


The RMA status link has changed:




Should do the trick for you.


It appears as of today we haven't yet received your defective parts, but please keep in mind it was a holiday weekend, so it's possible they are still in transit, or simply haven't been processed by our receiving department yet.




Mitch Russell

Corsair Inc.

Manager of Site Operations

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