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Think one modules TR3X6G1600C8D is Faulty


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I think one of my modules is faulty :(:.


I have run memtest for 3 passes on each stick in each slot and have found one stick is faulty. As you can see even after a few minutes of testing I get errors (See attached image).


I have a clean install of Win7 64 bit Ultimate with no software, uptodate drivers and all Windows updates.


I have tried clearing the CMOS and removing the battery and selecting XMP but still recieve the errors.


I am also getting rounding errors in prime95 after about 10 minutes and BSOD's too when using this stick if I remove the stick and only use the other 2 then the machine is stable for 10 hours + with Prime95.


I am using stock cpu settings, no overclocking.


Is there anything else I should try first before RMAing ?


Im in the UK and my retailer http://www.scan.co.uk advised me to contact Corsair direct.


Best Regards


Jason Coles


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