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Quick Question: Can I put 2x 120mm Intake fans on 600T?


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I've got an Antec 300 with dual GentleTyphoon AP-15's as intake fans. I'm getting sick of this case because I can't clean my intake fan filters easily as I have to unplug all my cables (a LOT) and then I've gotta open the case and then unlock the front face plate to access the filter.


Is it possible for me to remove the 200mm intake fan that Corsair provides and then put two 120mm GentleTyphoon AP-15's and still have the easy access to the fan filter?



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My parts should be here in a few days. I am going to try this as well, but with 2 of these fans:


Scythe Slip Stream Kaze Jyuni 120MM Fan 1900RPM 110.3CFM 37DBA


Also, adding 2 of those to the top too. Removing all stock fans. Eco Rad will be where the 120mm is. Will probably add the original Corsair fan, into the empty 5.25 drive bays as an intake. Have a spare ******** Tric-cool, that i want to mount how ive seen in pics here, to help cool the GPU. By removing the top HD cage, and installing the fan between the gap. Hoping zipties will work to add the 2 front fans. If not, I will add them to the Eco rad as push/pull. Let me know how things worked. I'll report back when mine gets here :biggrin: ~ kemikal


edit: does anyone know if i can hook the 4 Scythe fans ^^ up to the fan controller? is it enough power? sorry, never had one before.

Rated Voltage: DC12V

Rated Current: 0.53 A

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