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TR3X6G1333C9 and Biostar 890FXE compatibility


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Hey all,


I have recently purchased a new AMD motherboard and chose Corsair 3x2GB memory modules for it. I just have a few questions before these parts arrive to my doorstep.


That model is clearly advertised as being intended for Intel configurations, and for triple channel support, however on my motherboard memory support page it has this model on its compatibility list, and after some digging around I found out that the motherboard I chose is only dual channel.




So, do you think that this memory will be read to its full potential (6 GB), or will only 2 of the sticks be read properly? It is clearly stated that the memory is compatible, but I am confused by the memory being advertised for Intel systems and my motherboard being only dual-channel...


Thanks for the support, I could use an opinion or two here!

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The memory has been working perfectly for the last 24 hours or so, has a 7.5 rating from the Windows Experience Index. :)


I have two of the sticks in dual-channel and I'm saving the last stick in case one goes haywire down the road. Thanks again for the quick answers, I am highly satisfied by this memory and plan on using Corsair as one of my top memory options for my next build.

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