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2000gt overclocking.


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Hi all,

I'm trying to get my MSI x58a-gd65 / i7 950 / dominator 2000gt machine running at 4ghz / 2000mhz.


I'm not sure how familiar you guys are with the MSI x58a-gd65 but I can get the CPU at 4ghz with the base clock at 200 and multiplier at 20 with CPU vcore @ 1.310 volts. Did plenty of testing it seems very stable.


The dominator 2000gt memory is proving more difficult, I'm using 3T - 8-9-8-24--103 - 1.65 volts and others such as 2T - 8-9-8-24--103 1.66volts through to 1.7volts both with Mem ratio 5 (2000) and uncore ratio 10. (4000)


The machine is posting fine, loads the OS great but throws a blue screen when I begin a FTT 10k memory stress test with Prime95.


It also will not post with the factory recommended settings of 1T -8-9-8-24--103 Only with 2 or 3 commands will it post with the mem and uncore ratios at 5 and 10.



When I enable XMP to get the ram into 2000mhz, it uses 3T -8-9-8-27.. not sure if that would help to know but it's there.. Any thoughts are more than appreciated.!




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