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PC2-6400 shown as PC2-4300


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I have overclocked E4300 C2D fom 1.8 to 3.0 Ghz. All I did was change the FSB on my MB (P5B-Plus) from 800 to 1333. I did not change anything else My system has been 100% stable for several days.


When I boot my BIOS identifies my PC2-6400 memory as PC2-4300. Is that a problem? Is my computer slower because of this? Should I change something in my settings?


I do not know much about BIOS settings.


My memory modules are 2 X 1 GB CM2X 1024-6400 C4 4-4-4-12.

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Based on overclocking information I found on the internet I set DRAM Frequency to DDR2-667. The other possible options I have are DDR2-833, DDR2-1000, DDR2-1111, DDR2-1333.


DDR2-800 is not an available option.


I read that I should not set DRAM Frequency above 667 so that is why I choose that speed.


When I boot my BIOS still identifies my memory as being PC2-4300


I changed the North Bridge settings to 4 4 4 12 .


I also adjusted Memory voltage to 2.1V


What should I do next?


My motherboard is an ASUS P5B-Plus with an AMI BIOS.


Other than what I found on Google today, I know essentially nothing about memory settings.


Here are my new CPU-Z results:



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That´s great! No issues?

The bios is reporting ram speed as if you didn´t overclock the FSB. that´s why it is reporting 5300.


If you want to you can run a ram benchmark like sisoft sandra, but AFAICS it is looking good now.

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ok, your CPU is 800Mhz @ 1.8G stock. you have overclocked to 3.0Gz a difference of 1.2G.


my suggestion is to write down all your custom voltages and reset the BIOS to stock and see if DDR800 is the 1:1 option. then up the CPU frequency by like 25 and see what speed your ram boots at. it should move up evenly with the CPU. gradually increase the CPU speed until you see the ram drop to a lower frequency (if it does) some boards do this. at that point you may need to try ddr1000 but should report at a lower speed like 920 once your CPU is back to 3.0G.

or you can just leave it where it is:): i like to tinker so thats where im coming from.

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