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Checking RMA status


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I registered for an RMA and recieved a case number as well as an RMA number.


The email also conveniently gave me a link which I could use to check the status of my RMA. I"ve been patiently awaiting for my parcel to actually arrive so it can be fixed.


Unfortunately, it appears that the link does not work anymore.


I can"t figure out how else to check the status of my RMA.


I"ve tried using the links from the Support pages, but that just leads to resubmitting an RMA application. I have tried registering using the same email to see whether it magically appears under the "My Account" page, but to no avail.


Help please?






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Parts were sent out in the last two weeks, I"m not really expecting it to have arrived yet. I"m just wondering how to check my RMA status though.


The link that I mentioned above lead to a page that I could monitor for whether the part had been recieved, processed or sent.


I"m trying to find out how I can gain access to that page or a similar status monitoring page for my RMA.

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Thanks for your help, it appears that I might need to either find someone to contact, or just wait and see what happens.


As mentioned in my opening post, I have tried that link you have provided. Punching in my Case Number and Password leads to the page with the initial submission of my RMA request. It does not lead to anything in which I can check the status of my existing RMA.


This page ( http://www.corsair.com/support/rmastatus ) is the closest I can get to viewing the status of my RMA. It states that I need to register to request an RMA. This was not the same as a few weeks ago when I initially submitted my RMA request, so registering an account now shows nothing under the "My Account" page.

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Thanks everyone, seems things worked out fine.


I've just recieved a new replacement (I assume its new since it is still in its packet and was sent from Taiwan even though my RMA was sent to California...) in the mail.


Very happy, thank you all!

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