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I can't get my l******** airboy case fans and dvd drive to light up. The 24 pin test with the paperclip is useless because all the wires are black, so i can't tell which are the pins to be tested. I get no voltage readings on any of the peripherial connectors pins. Some of the leds light up on the asus rampage III board, so where do I go from here. Judging from what I am reading on this board, I think that I might have made a bad choice in choosing this PSU. please help.

I did a little more testing on the psu, I found on pins 7/8 or 17/18 it depends which way your counting left to right or right to left, I see 3.2 volts, when I short the pins 7/8 or 17/18, the fan goes 1/4 turn then stops. I see no voltage coming out of all modular pins except

7/8 or 17/18. So do I have a defective power supply

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When you have the PSU connected to the motherboard and graphics card only, what happens when you power up the system?


Do the fans turn on and stay on?


Do the fans spin and then turn right back off?


Is there any reaction at all when you try to power on the system?

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