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HX620W loud bang now nothing


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Hi ramguy, yellow beard.



Thanks for help in the past, had to reregister as having to post from mobile and slow posting etc, as psu literally went bang loud enough to be heard outside the house on Christmas day.


I have tried to check fuses etc and other components first, all seem ok. Strange it went as was only running an x700pro (no pcie connections), and wife turn on pc and said she got a shock and it made a very loud bang. Have checked PSU and with a torch looks liked yellow capacitor fluid has leaked onto the psu pcb. That is only think i can see without voiding warranty, if i have any left?


Serial number R0703A30320595

Rev. B2W

Model CMPSU-620HX

Its an HX620W.


How do i check it is still in warranty or not? I am in UK btw.

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Reregister? What's the name of your other account? I can merge them.


Should still be in warranty. The series came out in 2006 with a 5 year warranty, so they're all in warranty. Besides that, if I'm reading your serial number right, it was made in the 3rd week of 2007.

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OK.. In to work now and at a PC, so have managed to reset my original account :-)


I'll try the RMA process :-)


EDIT: Odd.. getting a 404 message trying to use the express ram link...

EDIT 2: Link is working from Ramguys post about warranty and what to do :-)

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Hi Ramguy :-)


Thanks for that.


I have now borrowed a Corsair VX550W and am writing from my PC, and so far everything appears to be OK. No power to motherboard + yellow gunk inside, pretty sure it's the PSU (without wanting to do the paperclip trick).


I'll get my info sorted out and do the RMA :-) Ta :thumbsup:

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