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Computer with VX450 take a long time to power up


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Hi ( and sorry for my bad english ) ,


Since 3 days, when I boot my computer on the morning, it takes like 15s to boot after I pressed the power button.

When I press the button I hear nothing, no fan spinning, no hard drive etc and I have to wait a little to see the bios screen.


I got random problems just after the boot :

1st day, have to wait 10~15s, then ok

2nd day, have to wait 10~15s, then reboot while loading windows, then ok

3st day ( today ), have to wait 10~15s, black screen, manual reset, then ok


However, after the boot, everything is ok, I can play games like Metro 2033 for hours and let it on all day and there's no problem at all. ( a reboot during a game happened to me once since this problem started )


I've checked voltage in bios and it seems to be good.


I don't know if it's related but I upgraded my computer with a hard disk and a gtx460 768 2 weeks ago. ( I checked if my psu was enough at the corsair website and it seems ok ).


I thought it can be the motherboard ( an Intel DG41TY ) but it sounds more like a psu problem.


What can cause this problem ? Thanks

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  • Corsair Employee

To help narrow down the issue, I would try this brief PSU functionality test. Either the PSU is booting up this way because of something internally wrong with the PSU, or its behaving this way in response to some other component that it is hooked up to. If the PSU boots up the fan turns on and stays on immediately then the PSU itself is working properly. If it gives you the sam 10-15 second delay before its fan spins up, then the PSU should be replaced.


Request an RMA

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