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TX650W Not working.


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Hey all! First off, let me offer you guys a Merry Late Christmas and I hope you all will have a great New Year!


My Corsiar TX650W is not working. I have checked all the wires and plugs, and I have done a test I have come to know as the "paperclip" test. It's where you plug one end of a paperclip into the green plug and the other end into a black plug? I am pretty sure the thing is fried.


So, I was about to send in a RMA request but decided to ask here first.


Any suggestions on how to fix it?



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If you've done the paperclip test, and the fan won't power on, try plugging in a case fan while doing the paperclip test, and see if it gets power. If that won't get power either, then it probably is dead, and you would need to RMA it.
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