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Replacememnt Bracket for H70


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Hey all,


Well I think I've found out why my H70 has been performing so poorly. The company I purchased my motherboard, ram, processor and the H70 from refuses to let a purchase like that go without them mounting the cooler. So this morning after fighting with it for the last couple months I pulled the entire PC apart.


Seems like the screw would not thread through the bolt and in turn has shredded the bracket. 3 other scews are flush and are properly tightened so attempting to remove it for about 30 minutes I finally got it off. The screw still would not thread through properly and up trying to remove it a final time this is what occured:




As you can see the bottom right part of the bracket is shredded, and of course the screw is cracked in half because of the threading problem.... This is just the start of the problems, because after this occured I decided to remove the CPU and clean it with some Arctic Clean solution, everything went fine but after looking at the retenion bracket for the socket on the motherboard I saw a little AS5 had gotten on the edge from the "tinting" I had done a few months ago ( instructions for AS5 application on the Waterblock ). So I got a q-tip and removed the AS5, upon doing so a tiny bit fell off the edge and of course landed on the contact pins of the motherboard CPU socket :!oops: Freaking out I decided the best course of action would be to dab it with my finger very very carefuly. I bent no pins and I seemed to have removed it after one dab.


I now needed to test the system, so I grabbed the stock HSF for the 950, removed the CMOS battery, remounted the processor and HSF inside the case, used one 480GTX and plugged everything in, turned it on and reset bios defaults. Upon restart I get this error CPU Over Temperature Warning. Thinking I've basically killed the motherboard I decided to unmount the entire thing and smash it to pieces. Removing the HSF I find that it wasn't making any contact with the CPU at all, no matter how I remounted it the stock fan would not make contact with the CPU. So I grabbed the H70 and holding the waterblock in place and plugged in I turned the PC on, no more over temperature warning, Processor is detected correctly, ram is detected correctly. I don't know about system stability because I ran a secure erase on the system this morning due to my boxing day plans.


So basically now my boxing day plans have gone up in smoke, worried I've fried my CPU and possibly motherboard in the process and a busted H70 bracket so I've got no way of testing anything to be sure.


Can someone tell me were I can purchase a replacement bracket for the H70 and the screws and bolts for it as well? I can't find any on the Corsair website except for the H50 which is "COMING SOON". This day just keeps getting worse and worse, I might just end up selling the entire system and calling it quits.


EDIT: I filled out an RMA request.

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