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hey corsair lets get some 800D mod parts


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Could we please Get some Quad vented tops and bottom panels and a back panel with a bumped out PSU box so if i want to put a Feser Limited Edition "Monsta Lite" 420/360 Xchanger Triple 140mm / 120mm Xtreme Performance Radiator on the top and bottom it will fit i know i can pop the rivets and mod it my self but i rather just pop rivets and replace it.



Love my 800D Case

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well i took out the partition on the bottom so i can fit a Feser TFC Xchanger Monsta Extreme Radiator 420/360 when the admiral 420s come out now i need to bump out power supply and im done XSPC RX360 Triple 120mm Rad on top Monsta Extreme Radiator 420/360 on bottom pure water cooling goodness.



Found this now im done.




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