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today when i left home my PC was working fine no problems.


When i got home my pc was off i guessed it was just on standby or somthing.


when i turned it on it kept turning on and off until i turned the PSU off at the back or unplugged it.


after i did this i took everything out and then put it all back in and now the cmos doesnt light up. when i had taken out the PSU i found that one of the black modular cable slots was coming out (doesnt seem right) i built my PC myself and this is my second HX850 i got my last one RMAed for other reasons. would this problem be the PSU or the mobo.

pleas say PSU cause i built it myself so my mobo isnt under warantee


Thanks guys =D

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First off, your mobo is always under warranty even though you've built the system yourself. What is the manufacturer and where did you buy it?


Now on to the second, main part of your question. Please make sure all your connectors are fine. The AX is fully modular IIRC so pay attention to the main ATX 24-pin (motherboard) cable and 4-pin(8-pin) cable as well. If the system did power up once the PSU should be fine. Like if there is no burning smell or something (why should there be?) it definitely has not been burnt.


The power cycle you described may happen because of the sleep state the motherboard had entered while you were away.


Please describe more accurately what problems you have with the PSU modular cable slots. Maybe post a pic or something, if you can.

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Hey with the modular what i mean is.



you know the Black and blue 4pin 8pin slots for the cables in the PSU 1 was half way out im talking about the actual slot and not the cord.


and yes everything is in properly nothing is burnt but still no Cmos



my motherboard is gigabyte X58A-UD3R and i bought it from Umart

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No lol.


i have been told that if you dont get your motherboard installe by a "professionnal" then it isnt under warantee.


but dw about that i got the money to buy a new 1 if it comes to that


but i can hardly imagine its my PSU its my second one ive got this month so surely i cant have gotten 2 faulty corsair PSU that seems impossible.


but at the same time my mobo is smoking or anything nothing looks wrong except for that piece from the PSU being half out =S

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