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Which linux distribution have Corsair CSSD-R60GB2 been tested on?


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Sorry, but I don't think you have answered. The disk is explicit mentioned to support Linux and I bought it for use as a usb disk for that reason. Which bring me back to the question:


Which linux distributions does it work with? Or is the disk so defective that it does not work with any linux, despite the documentation saying it is supposed to work? (In that case, please update your documentation (Well a quick google search show that any mentionen of Linux have been removed already)).

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I am sorry but we do not test our products with any open source operating systems. In addition, this is normally done by the O.S. Maker.

So as stated please contact the manufacturer of that operating system..


Damm that sucks. What os have you tested the disk with?


But I will contact Redhat as soon as I found out exactly what is wrong.


So what usb disk standard does your ssd disk implement. It is not the normal usb disk standard because


a: That works with linux,

b: Windows see the disk as a fixed disk even when using usb, which make it different from all other usb disks I have even seen.


So what usb disk standard does the disk implement. And how does your implementation differ from the shandard(It must differ, since this is the only disk which don't work with Linux).

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