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whats the best configuration for games on the HS1


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ive had these head sets for a while


and i find a HUGE difference from just playing on speakers alone


HOWEVER.. i wanted to know what peeps are using for gaming configs

ie: better for hearing foot steps in FPS's




i do hear foot steps but i'd like to narrow it down which direction they are coming from


can anybody help?

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I enabled Virtual 7.1 and Dobly Headphones in the HS1 software. How should i configure my games in order to get the best Virtual 7.1 or Virtual 5.1 experience with the headset: 7.1, 5.1 or Stereo?


Same thing when watching movies with vlc media player, should i switch to 5.1, stereo or "2 in front and 2 behind".


To sum it up, does the headset emulates 7.1 best when the source (game or movie) in set to perform in stereo, 5.1 or 7.1?


Thanks for any response :)

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Some games will detect the default sound device and what channels they support, and output that. Other games allow you to choose the output type. Matching the output type of your game to the headphones is always the best choice. I find that using 7.1 with the headphones and then whatever the game output, to be good enough.


If the movie you are watching on VLC supports 5.1 or 7.1, make sure to change your "Audio > Audio Device > (5.1/7.1)". For stereo content, you can set the headphones to stereo and enable Dolby Pro Logic to have it emulate surround sound from a stereo source.


Hopefully that answers your questions.

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