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Puzzling new memory problem (blank screen)


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I have been using some ******** (******** Gold 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 PC3-10666C9 1333MHz) In a build I put together early last year (see specs). It has not given me any problems to date. I decided to change the memory to some Corsair modules as I am unhappy with the ******** design (the heat spreaders on two of the three modules have come unstuck and are slowly coming off altogether).


the memory brand in the text is showing as ******. It is oooo ccc zzzz (you dont like the other brands here then?)


note: I am replacing the ******** memory and not attempting to mix.


After replacing the old memory with the new corsair memory (Corsair XMS3 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 PC3-10666C9 1333MHz (CMX6GX3M3A1333C9)) all I get is a blank screen, no bios. I have tried all of the three sticks on their own in the outside lane furthest from the CPU. This works fine. When I add another stick it goes blank again.


Everything is stock in my computer I don't do any over clocking. It is kept dust free. The only thing I can think of is updating the BIOS. However I would prefer to avoid doing this as the computer in question is my work computer and I can't afford any down time if it goes wrong.


I would be very grateful of any help on this matter.


Thanks in advance.

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I reset the Bios.


I changed something to XMP in the "AI tweaker" in the Bios.


exactly the same problem occurs.


I had to look both of these thing up to do them as I have no idea what XMP is or why I should have to rest the bios.


I have been using PCs and Macs for the last 15 years. I have changed and added new ram to many machines (both built and off the shelf). I have never had to make any changes to in the bios to make it work. This is not advertised when you buy it!.


Is it expected of most average users to know how to do this just to put some new memory in a computer!


The reason I did not " go around the forum filter" is that I don't even know what that is! I have never had to join a forum before.


If you have to spend hours of time on forums just to get some Ram working then I can understand that I might be expected to know. If there is no simple answer to this I will try to get my money back and stick to the 'brand that cannot be named'!


I am sorry for having a rant but this should be simple.

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I have done some research on what XMP is. I now understand that the I7 chips only officially supports RAM frequencies of 800/1066 MHz. So the ram is effectively over clocking.


I am now more puzzled as to why my current memory, which has the same specs works out of the box. Also I changed to an XMP profile in the bios after resetting it as suggested and still nothing.


The modules all work individually so what I am missing?


Again I apologise for the last rant. I usually defend PCs amongst my peers in the same line of work as me who all use Macs. So its frustrating when this happens.


I have been very happy with my other corsair products, I really would like to get my new ram to work.

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