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HX750W causes random shutdown


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Hey all,


I am posting due to a weird issue i am having with a recently purchased HX750W power supply. The problem is as the title states, it would randomly cause my computer to shut down suddenly, and then the computer will not even start up after pushing the power button. The computer will then start up and repeat the process if i pull the power plug out of the psu and reconnect it after about 5mins.


I have tested the psu in a 2nd computer, with lower specs (Pentium 4 lol) and it does the exact same thing. I've even asked a friend to put the psu into his i7 machine and it also randomly shuts off!


I have run memtest on my pc, 15 passes and not a single error. Ive done chkdisk and also checked the voltage running through the mobo. The only difference i saw was the 12V(?) reading, 1.81 compared to my old psu which was only 1.5v.


I have also tried the paper clip test and yes, the fan does spin.


I have absolutely no idea what to do to resolve this issue, so any comments would be greatly appreciated.



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