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800d Sata backplane not working


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Howdy folks,


One of my SATA backplanes isn't working. Specifically the 3rd one down.


I've tried the following:


1) Switching drives

2) Switching data connectors

3) Switching power connectors

4) Switched data connectors on the motherboard


Is there anything else I can check? The other 3 backplanes work well.

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I just recently purchased the 800D and my Back Plane is broken. The SATA connector on drive bay # 3 was cracked and as soon as I plugged a cable in, it just broke and fell off. The other 3 bays (1, 2, and 4) don't work at all.


So, I've notified Corsair Product Support and am waiting a response. Sounds like we both got a bad run of boxes on the assembly line that day? Someone missed the QA big time here. I don't see any way that such an item could have been damaged in shipment - this is a manufacturing issue. The remainder of the case is just awesome -- the best that I've ever seen in over 20 years of computer builds . . . but, I've got a huge issue with the broken back plane because I've got no place to install my SDD's. Right now, their just laying inside the box on the bare metal tray (unmounted) until Corsair responds. So, at least I'm functional, but it sure looks ugly in there right now!

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