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A little disappointed in AX1200W


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Hi All,


New to the forum and my first post so be gentle.


Just got some new pc parts 700D, Force 90, AX1200 and 570 video card.


Started the build last night and am disappointed to find that the EPS/ATX12V CPU Cables are not long enough for the 700/800D to reach without the use of the extension cable with supplied with the case.


Now I understand why lower spec PSUs may not have long enough cables but why on earth does Corsairs most premium PSU not have a long enough cable for the job ..... ?????


I wanted a ultra clean cabling look and now have to use this extension cable which has not even got all black cables in it :(:


Maybe I am just being too picky.


Thanks in advance



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Did you ever solve this? I have the same issue. I replaced a Corsair 1000W PSU with the 1200W and the cable has to be routed over the top of the MoBo to reach -- looks bad. And I don't have any extension cable supplied with the 800D.
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I've got an AX 1200, a competitors full tower, PSU mounts at the bottom, the 8 pin ATX Power connector heads up for the top, routed it behind the motherboard mounting surface and back to the front of the mainboard with ease.


You sure your not using a PCI-E cable to attempt this ? I could snap a pic of the set up, and my clumsy wiring job (packed case.....lots of fans anyways) Should really find some wiring master to help me clean my mess up.....thankfully with the full modular cabling, it's not all in there.

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And I don't have any extension cable supplied with the 800D.


It should have come with one, double check the accessories box that came with the case. If you do not have it, then send an email to jackflash@corsair.com with your contact and shipping information, along with a request for the cable, and we will get one sent out to you.

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