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AX850 problem


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Got a new AX850 to go with my new GTX570 and it will boot with just the CPU, GPU, Memory in. If I hook up the 6 fans in the case and the optical drive it still boots to Bios.


Bios is fine watching the voltages everything appears to be in spec.


Once I hook up any single HDD nothing. The fans spin for just a second and the turn off.


So now I'm wondering if I got a bad unit or do I have too much computer for it?


EDIT: putting the old 750w PSU back in to see what happens.

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Ok. Hooked up the old 750w and it boots up fine. Even with every drive connected.


If you have not already, try clearing the CMOS. If that fails to resolve it, it sounds like you got a bad unit. Use the link to the left for an RMA or RMA directly with your retailer; whichever is most convenient for you. Sorry for your inconvenience.

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