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Failing 620hx?


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Lately i've been having hard lock ups ingame (video goes out and there's looping sound).


The crashing occurs ingame whether I'm running the gpu OCD or stock.


The problem is when I reboot however sometimes I get no signal, but checking out the mobo LED codes the pc itself is booting fine and I can get into windows (hear the login sound), but there's just no video.


The way I fix it after I get one of these black out crashes and no video boot is by turning off the psu, discharging it by holding down the power button and then swapping the two power cables going into the gpu (the cables I have are 6+2 pci-e), and that usually seems to fix it (I can boot with video).


The psu itself seems to become really warm ingame. Touching the case of it and it's noticeably hot.


There have been no artifacts game wise however, and no artifacts on dos boot.

I got this PSU in aug 2007 so it's over 3 years old now.

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