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Corsair + Asrock mobo problem?


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I am from Greece, I am a new corsair user, but today I experienced a small problem with my psu and totally brand new mobo ASROCK p55 pro/usb3


I use my corsair almost a month now 850TXEU model and worked perfect. But today I upgraded from q9400 to i7 870 cpu, so I had to change my mobo as well.



I connected everything perfectly but my cpu fan turns a bit and stops after!.. Some times it seems it works but not fully factional and no screen in my monitor.


I unplugged and plugged several times the 24pin and 8pin cables but/and I become desperate after 2-3 hours of trying!!


I noticed a couple of more topics around with totally the same problem with asrock mobos and I hope you can help me?


I use now a 350watt psu just to browse internet and the mobo works perfect with it..


My big problem and sadness is that I CANT use my gtx480 graphics card and I cant use all my hard disks. As this 350watt psu is very limited.


Any suggestion? Any help? :confused:


thank u.

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