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Two Flash Voyagers same Issue


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I have two Flash Voyagers 8Gb & 16Gb, recently they have both started exhibiting the same problems.


  1. Suddenly files are reporting to be corrupted or unreadable
  2. The drive locks up and windows explorer freezes until I disconnect the drive
  3. Sometime the drive isn't seen by the PC/laptop.
  4. Suddenly Windows 7 wants to scan and repair every time the devices are inserted but never finds any problems
  5. When I removed them from my PC the other month the rubber casing slipped off and the drive stayed in the device.

I have followed the guide of formatting using windows 98 but the same still occurs.


Is it time to RMA them and if so can I send then together to save on postage?

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Thanks I thought it might be in need of replacing. I think I'll RMA them one at a time. The 16Gb stick is still usable at times and I'd feel naked if I RMA both of them at the same time.


I can't remember when or when I got the 8Gb (it may have even been a present) does this matter when I RMA it?

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