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mbr 1 error


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There could be many causes for this situation but I have seen it happen for this reason:


If you install Windows 7 to a computer that has or previously had Windows XP on another drive; when the Windows Vista/7 installation sees the XP installation, it will keep that partition as the boot partition and you will need to boot from that drive even when you want to run Windows 7. The best way to prevent this scenario is to remove all hard drives except the one that you are installing Windows 7 to, then after the installation, add the additional hard drives and I would recommend formatting them if you are not going to use Windows XP anymore.


Or you might be selecting the incorrect drive in the boot process.


Please give us more information as to 1) how many hard drives are you using? 2) when do you see the error? I'm assuming it's when you're booting and that the SSD does not boot at all.

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