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New CX500, no boot.


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I went and purchased a CX500 today to replace a fried Antec NEO480. I only removed the PSU and didn`t unplug anything else.


I installed the new PSU, connected to mobo the 24 pin and detached 4pin, 2 HDs, samsung optical drive, 2 case fans and GPU.


When everything was plugged in, I flicked the switch at the back and all the fans in the case came on. My monitor was not receiving anything and was cycling back and forth between analog/digital searching for signal. The case power button has no effect on anything (still plugged into mobo where I left it), and the only way to turn everything back off is with the toggle at the back of the PSU. I don't hear the HDDs either, though I can feel them vibrating.



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The PSU should not turn on when you flip the switch on the back of it. If you disconnect the power button from the motherboard can you reproduce the same behavior?


Yes. I removed the connector for the power switch at the front of the case to the mobo and when I flick the switch on the back of the PSU all fans come on and still nothing output on monitor.

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