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Acer laptop not waking up from sleep


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So i bought an laptop, and gave it an early Holidays gift of ssd an month or so ago. Ssd was pluged in, i went to bios and it was reckognised at once and i continued with installing the windows 7 on it. During win setup, windows requires restarts so on the first resart suddenly bios could not find the ssd...I powered off the comp and powered it on and the ssd was there and instalation was complete.


My problems:


1. From time to time when i start the laptop it wont find the ssd until i reboot it once (power button off/ on)


2. Sleep mode trouble.....from what i have found out each time laptop is running on batterys and it goes to sleep, ssd magicly dissapeares and laptop wont wake up or more correctly it wakes up but hdd light dont have light in it and system freezes.


Sleep mode when pluged in power works like a charm and computer wakes up each time.


*Ssd was delivered with 1.1 firmware and i updated it to 2 but it didnt help iv tryed older and newer drivers have updated bios to latest and so on but nothing helped.


My question is, is this an problem thats gonna get an fix soon or should i return the disk becouse it is really anoying on my part with constant crashes since am an student who does most of my work on the laptop..and yes i know bout backups but i just want an stabile system and i need sleep mode to save battery and quickly resume work.


Laptop spec:




Manufacturer Acer

Model Aspire 5820TG

Total amount of system memory 4,00 GB RAM

Cpu i5 M450@2.40Ghz

System type 64-bit operating system

Number of processor cores 2




Corsair CSSD-F120GB2


Disk data cache:ENABLED

Native command queing:Yes

SATA transfer mode:Generation 2

Physical sector size :512

Logical sector size:512

Total size of hard disk(s) 112 GB

Disk partition (C:) 63 GB Free (112 GB Total)

Media drive (D:) CD/DVD

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  • Corsair Employees

Most likely this is an issue that the system manufacturer will need to address with a BIOS update. The new firmware release rev 2.0 should have resolved any known issues with detection of the force series SSD.

We are still testing and will post something if there is a newer release but at this time there is no known problems to address.

I would suggest you disable suspend to ram and hybrid suspend and just use suspend to disk instead.

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