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Sabertooth x58: Recommendations please?


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Having an issue choosing the best balanced RAM for an ASUS Sabertooth x58.


I see THIS:



And I see THIS:



The idea here is that the first one runs at 1600. The second one...runs at the board's rated capability of 1866.


But there is also the question of latency as well. I'm super confused at this point. It's been 7 years since I did a full from-the-ground-up build for myself and things seem to have changed since then. I'm re-educating myself it seems.


I would like to use the fan and the Airflow2 for the RAM because it's good eye candy and seems useful anyway... So either product would work. But the higher speed RAM comes with the fan so it's convenient.


The problem I'm having here is that Corsair's memory config tool does NOT include the Sabertooth x58 and the ASUS site doesn't mention this RAM in it's QVL compatibility list.


What really matters here? Frequency or latency? Shouldn't I be striving to use the board's full capability of 1866? Seems like most are settling on 1600.


Please give some real advice. Seems hard to come by.



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Most are settling on 1600 MHz because not a hard OC for a Core i7, whereas 1866 MHz takes some effort. As for frequency vs latency, depends on what you intend to do with the system.


Also, please do not double post. Your other posts have been removed.

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That's what I was afraid of...


Seems I'm just smashing my head into a brick wall here, eh?


So I'll probably just be better off with the CAS8 1600. Correct?


I'll probably be going that route then, I suppose...


Any chance you guys are planning on putting the Sabertooth x58 on your configurator tool?

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Alright. That's kind of the logic I was going with. But the details on 1866 memory (or higher) aren't yielding good results as far as compatibility goes from what I've read.


Even worse with the RE boards it seems...


So... i'll look at that tool. But as a final request... What memory would you specifically recommend? For now it looks like I'm going to settle on THIS: CMP6GX3M3A1600C8


Anything else I might be overlooking? Please point it out. I'm kind of tired of trying to track down the info or any kind of definitive opinions. Especially because it's feeling like I'm just overthinking things here. (Bad habit...)


Thanks for the input, though.

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