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HS1 driver issues on XP


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so i purchased the HS1 today given that i trust corsair and the specs looked pretty good.


i have no disappointments except for the driver availability.


my cd-rom drive on my rig is currently out of commission, so i have no way of installing the driver and using the control panel (i'm assuming this takes a lot away from the quality of sound).


i tried the download link on the left that everyone else with this problem has referred to, but the setup.exe file there doesn't do anything. just comes with that setup file and 2 .pdf files (which came with the CD).


i really want to use this headset to its full potential instead of returning it for some other ones, so i'm hoping someone can help me out. either corsair needs to put up downloadable drivers (the ones up right now would install if i already had all the info from the disc) or i need a different headset.



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