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Ram doesn't seem to be working in Dual mode


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Hi there,


I am asking for help trying to coax this corsair 1 gig pair into dual channel.

I bought them unfortunately at different times so I realize this might be moot, but anyway I do have both sticks of ram, which are identical save for lot #'s ( different numbers, I hope that doesnt mean im stuck ) and they are in the 'blue' slots of motherboard.


Every place I have checked seems to indicate that running cpu-z is recommended way to verify , short of catching a boot-up notification that you are running in dual channel, which I dont think Im seeing unless its flashing by too quick.


Any ideas why its not working, as short of not having been bought at same time, they are both corsair 1gig sticks.


I am running windows 7 64bit, asus motherboard A8n-E AI.




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