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Motherboard only seeing 8 GB of 12 GB installed


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I've been running 6Gb of Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D for the past 18 months, installed in my Asus Rampage II Motherboard in 3 - 2gb sticks. I saw the RAM had dropped in price and I bought 3 more 2gb sticks, so I've now filled all six slots on my board, when I boot though the BIOS only sees 8gb of RAM, not the 12 installed.


I've seen other posts that reflect this problem is related to getting the timing right. I used Yellowbeard's post from this forum to set mine to 8-8-8-24-88-6-12-6-6-41-30 at 2T, a voltage of 1.65 and a QPI/Core of 1.350, thought this might do it but no luck. any thoughts?




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