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Another bad set =(


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About two weeks ago I found out that one of my memory modules had completely died and I sent in the matched pair to be RMA'd. The process was flawless and they sent out the replacement pair the next day. I've never had a problem with the corsair RMA process and have always been really impressed with their turnaround time. Thank you!


Now onto my current problem... =(


Not to long after installing the new pair of memory I started getting blue screens. I immediately thought, "Its the new set of memory, just my luck... =_=" but after a few tests I found out it wasn't the new set, but rather the old set. It didn't completely die like the last one but memtest popped up the good ol' red error messages about the third or fourth test in (almost positive it was the third test).

Now i'm trying to figure out what could have caused these problems... Two sets of memory, one stick outta the first pair dies, and one stick outta the second pair begins having errors, but the other two modules from both pairs worked fine... My theory is maybe the motherboard is bad and those memory slots receive more voltage than the other two or somethin? I don't know, if anybody wants to toss their two cents in, by all means please do.


Edit: I'm going to RMA this pair of memory but forgot to ask, how do I get an advanced replacement? Do I have to call in after I've set up the RMA or is there an option I can check during the RMA process?

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Umm... how long does it typically take for the RMA process to be approved or denied?


My last request went through the same day, I think a hour or so after it was submitted. The RMA request I put in just yesterday, at about 1pm or so, has yet to be either approved or denied. Should I call up the customer care people and ask them about my RMA submission?

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