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backing plates for a 800d


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hi all.


im pretty new here but have been reading these threads for months now and must say there is some stunning builds here:D:


i have just managed to get a 800d (£111) but it hasn't any back plates for the back of the case,are these all the same on any case or are they different on the 800d ?


been after one of these case's for 4 months now (2nd hand) and finally got one this morning on a auction site.


any info on the case or where to get these plates would be great.

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aah the PCI slot covers.

im sure a quick call or email to Corsair will have a batch sent to you (during business hours of course :): )


well done that man :D:


i think i might need them all to be honest,i think ill give them a call monday morning.


thanks people.

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the e-mail they have does not have a junk folder and kelvin has replied once and i got that in my inbox and everytime someone reply's to this subscribe thread i get into my inbox also.


i just expected a better response than 3 week's.

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i would just like to say a big thank you to whoever has just sent me the blanking plates and thumbscrews for my 800d.


i didnt know they were on there way and have just turned up.


thank you very very much corsair and thanks for your time in this matter.


im quite shocked as i havent received any info as if i was going to get them.


well done corsair.


im well chuffed now :)

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