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I read milkyjoe01's post, but, require some finer specifics.


I am building a system on the SABERTOOTH X58




using the Intel i7 970 CPU (1366)




The SABERTOOTH X58 Memory QVL for Gulftown CPUs only lists one of the following 3 Corsair considerations: (I will buy one of these three)


TR3X6G1600C8D (on QVL from ASUS)


CMT12GX3M6A1866C9 Dominator GT [TR3X6G1866C9DVer4.1(XMP) on QVL list)]


I really want to run the CMT12GX3M6A1866C9 Dominator GT, so, was just wandering if anybody could help me out with compatability-I've read/googled so the generic Corsair i7.... address etc. is not the advice I require. The Mobo is new and I do not see any i7 970/SABERTOOTH X58 threads anywhere specific to my question. Thanks very much for any advice.

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There's no question posted. In short, any triple stick kit will work with any triple channel setup. OCing past the memory controller's rated specs is mostly luck.


Intel states the 970 only supports 800/1066; the mobo will go to 1866. OC'ing aside, if I were to run the CMT12GX3M6A1866C9 Dominator GT not on the QVL list, will the memory run on first boot after set up, or, am I looking at a severe noncompatability issue here; ie: boot failure etc.

Will the 970 memory controller be able to handle this load do you think?, and will it automatically downclock to 1066, but, have no problems with overheat at 1066, or will it attempt to load the xmp profile right away during first post, again immediately after the build is completed on first boot during detection, all BIOS settings at default, of course.

I'm new to i7 setup and am concerned about the memory controller-seems to be very "constrictive" and sensitive.

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