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HX1000W High-pitched whine


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Under either heavy CPU or GPU load (especially GPU), my HX1000W seems to emit a headache-inducing high-pitched whine. An example of this sort of load is the Stanford folding@home application.


I have tried the suggested fix of disabling speedstep and C1E to no avail.


Should I apply for an RMA? And if so, is it possible to get an advance RMA so I'm not left without a usable computer. Please bear in mind I am in the UK.

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If you haven't tried it, I would see if you can duplicate the same issues while running in safe mode. If so, then lets get the PSU replaced, if not, then there could be software at the root of the problem.


Request an RMA


Once you get the RMA number, please contact our customer service at 888-222-4346 and dial "0", (510) 657-8747 or email rmaservice@corsairmemory.com to see what alternative RMA options may be available.

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Hi RAM GUY, I have a similar issue. Got a pretty new HX1000W (about 2 months old). I built up a new system and everything was running great until last night. I installed a new video card (single GTX 580). After the install I flipped the power switch at the back of the PSU to on, the exhaust area started to emit a weird high pitched squeal / "eeeeeeeeee" sound. This noise comes on before I even hit the power button to my computer.


I unplugged it for awhile and tried again at a different outlet, same noise. I unplugged the power to the motherboard and the sound was still there, although much more faint.


I've also tried removing the video card and the noise remained. Would installing the new video card could have done this? I thought this PSU was able to support triple SLI, but I only have one card. I used the two fixed PCI-e cables from the PSU (instead of using the 12v2 blue modular cables).


I can turn on the system and use it, the high pitched noise appears to be less loud (or overshadowed by my fans), but it's still there.


Is this an issue for RMA?



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