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AX1200 Issue


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Hi all!

So I picked up the long wait HD 6970 today and gave it a try :biggrin:


But when I start programs like 3D Mark or Windows Experience Index, It starts to whine. Samething happens when i play wow too. :mad:


I had similar problem when i got it back in Oct. But after disabling C1E and EIST everything worked out. Unforturnately it started again with my new card (Was using HD 5770). I just tried turn on vsync, but does not change a thing.


So, is there any more options i can take before i request a RMA?



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  • Corsair Employees

If the PSU does not cause the problem with the old graphics card, then I would suspect that the new card may have the capacitor which is whining. I would test the card in a different system to make sure, but if all else fails we can replace the PSU for you.


Request an RMA


However you should be aware that replacing the PSU is not a 100% guarantee that your problem would be resolved. If the PSU had a capacitor which was whining under load, it would have likely caused the same problem no matter which graphics card you were using.

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