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PSU not powering/paperclip test works


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I'm having a problem with my power supply(i think). Its the Corsair HX620


It basically stopped powering my computer when I turn it on.

The light on my mobo is still turning on and when I do turn it on the fans spin for about 1-2 rotations then stop. The psu fan does not come on.


I tried the "paperclip" test that's recommended by corsair and the psu fan does turn on. But when I did this it beeped.


So could the PSU be at fault or maybe the mobo?

I don't have another psu to test my computer with.


If anyone has some experience with this or similar situations I would really appreciate some good advice!



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I did some further testing:

I plugged in just the 24 pin connector to the mobo from the psu and everything turned on. There was a long solid beep(sounded like it was comming from the gfx card) But cpu fan works and hdds powered and gfx card as well.

When I plug in the 4 pin connector thats near the cpu fan with the 24 pin connector...nothing turns on.

At this point, with my very limited knowledge if i was to guess...i would say my psu is okay and that there is a problem with maybe my mobo or gfx card.

Any advice would be welcome!

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So while i have only the 24 pin hooked into the mobo everything is on but the gfx card is beeping one solid tone. Everything is running and then i try to install the 4 pin to the mobo and everything shuts off. so maybe there is something wrong with that 4 pin connector? there is also an 8 pin connector which is for 2 gfx cards(I only have 1)nmaybe i could try that 8 pin and see if it works? Or could i drop the card into the lower sli slot and use the 8 pin connector?
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  • Corsair Employees
There is either a problem with the PSU or there is a problem with some other component during the POST. The best way to know for sure would be to test the PSU in a different system. It is certainly possible that the PSU is causing the problem, but with this information its just as likely an issue with the CPU or motherboard. If all else fails we can try replacing the PSU for you, just Request an RMA.
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