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just got some HS-1


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i just got to say wow .

i don.t know if thess ore the best heat set out there but i tell you

i think there awsome.

it all in stalled good and black ops sound so good it like playing a new game

all over again.

the only think is this is my frist headset i just always used speekers.

is there any thing i can to in the control panal.

to make the game sound even better.

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hi just want to say i love my new head set.

but i need some help for this is my frist headset ever.

and i dont know how to set them up right

do i have to change any thing in the corsair control panal

befor i go in to a game.

my be one of you nice members can help me out.

i tryed to google for settings help but i cant find to much


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For most games, leave the input as 7.1 and make sure to select the Dolby Headphone logo (the bottom button on your screenshot) to turn on the Dolby Virtual Surround.


For music and other stereo sources (not surround), you can set the input to Two Channels (stereo) and then turn on Dolby Pro Logic (button will appear). This will up-mix your stereo using Dolby Pro Logic into surround sound. I usually do this for videos that don't have surround sound, however I like the default surround sound mixing for music using the 7.1 input settings.

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