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600t Causing "USB device over current status detected..."


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I just did a new system build yesterday. After a few hours of running I restarted the machine and suddenly got an error saying: "USB device over current status detected..." I've never connected anything to the front USB, not sure why this error started.


I've read other forums and tried everything suggested. I've taken apart the case to find that the USB wire connection is sealed so I cant inspect the wires. I've loosened the screws holding down the MB and that didn't help either.


Finally I unplugged EVERYTHING USB and started to trace the problem. Found the problem to be 1 of the front USB Connections. When it gets connected to the MB the status LED starts continually blinking.


Just to make sure I unplugged all USB devices and simply plugged in the bad connector, same problem so I get the impression that there is a problem with my cases front USB ports.


Can anyone confirm that the case is bad or give me a solution to this?

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