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Corsair R60GB in Compaq Mini (110c-1147NR)


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Hello all,


I just installed a Corsair-R60GB2 in a "less than" 1 yr-old netbook: Compaq Mini (110c-1147R) w/ 2GB RAM running Windows 7 - Ultimate. The BIOS on the netbook is up-to-date...Ver. F.19 (Jan/14/2010), according to Compaq's website. However, the BIOS has NO option to configure SATA in "AHCI" mode.


I used "Parted Magic" (ver 5.7) to cleanup & prepare the R60GB2 to 2 partitions: 32 & 24 GB. Then, used Acronis TrueImage Home (ver 11.0) to successfully restore the backup. The netbook boot up w/ no problem. However, AS SSD software report "iaStor" w/ 31K BAD on the 1st or System partition & 33GB BAD on the 2nd or Data partition.


I tried to repeat the above cleanup & restore a few times...the results from AS SSD software still show the same "iaStor" issue. Also, ATTO software reports the Read/Write speed only around 136/85 MB/s.


My questions are:

1. Is my R60GB2 SSD drive a defective?

2. If the SSD is not defective, is there any way to get rid the bad "iaStor"?

3. The following services: DiskDefragment, SuperFetch & Windows Search, as well as Hibernation were disabled. Why the ATTO still reports a poor read/write performance...about half of the Reactor SSD specs?


Many thanks in advance,


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