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Couple of quick questions H70...


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Eh guys- first post as most of you will notice.


I just installed my H70 into my HAF-X case onto a 980X running stable at 4.32. I fold 24/7 so when I say stable... I mean it ;)


While hours in on a 2684, I'm running temps between 58-63 according to speedfan 4.41. I'm reasonably happy with this- but I'm here because I was getting comparable temps with my 30 dollar coolermaster Hyper 212+ with a single fan. Add about 6 degrees...


Overall I was impressed with fitiment and overall quality. For those of you humming and hawing about it- if you're not overclocking you've got better things to spend 100 bucks on. Save your money and go after that 212+ or even the ******** Ultra family as they come down in price. Make no mistake, I'm happy with the H70 so far- but if I wasn't working my processor as hard as I do I'd have no gratification in getting my idle temp from 24 down to 19.


I've retrofitted the stock "chainsaws" that double as fans with Noctua 120mm NF-P12 9 blade fans. They're nice and quiet and push a ton of air- though their ratings can be deceiving. There's no sense pushing a bunch of cfm if you can't push it THROUGH anything- which is supposed to be this fans specialty! I think one of the reasons I'm not getting my temps down a bit more is because stock is designed to run at 2000rpm and these are only doing about 1400. My sanity is worth a couple degrees I think. As recommended, I'm using the push pull configuration into the case-



I'm also using IC7 Diamond paste... wiped the stock stuff right off.


One of my quick questions regarded the orientation of the rad itself on the back wall of the case. I suspect the enclosure is water filled- but I'm not sure if it matters to have the reservoire with the lines comming off it on the bottom? On the top? To the side?


Originally I had it to the side and though I could get my case closed it bothered me to have that whole surface pushed tight against the case wall. Figured that leaving it exposed would allow it to dissipate heat a bit better. So I rotated it so the lines came off the bottom. I saw a fellow poster with a similar setup to mine who had his running off the top. Is there actually a preferred way? A more effective way?


Also... had a bit of trouble getting one of those screw mounts (the silver pieces) to fit through the hole in the mobo- I didn't want to force it too much in the interest of not stressing anything near that mount. Anyone else have this problem?


Anyone else got any tips and tricks on this great device, let me know!



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