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Firmware update confusion (voyager gtr 32gb)


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I recently a voyager gtr 32gb (received it december 16).


I had scouted the forum before hand and downloaded the updated firmware intending to upgrade from the get go.


The "problem" is that the program doesn't want to upgrade the firmware giving me an error that say : "URescue does not support this device. Please contact the manufacturer." . Do note that the thumb drive work perfectly. I also tried to do the update with two computer (one on Xp and the other one on windows 7) and of course, i followed the instructions.


So i was wondering if my voyager is defective or if it's simply the updater that doesn't give a proper "already up to date" message.

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It's very likely that you have a recent drive that has the newest firmware from the factory since you just bought it.


Suspected as much. Though it might be a good idea to update the message so that the "average" client don't panic.


Beside thank you for your fast response and for your excelent product. My voyager gtr is blazing fast. :D:

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