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Hi all,


Could anyone tell me what the differences between the Dominator 4GB kits are? Specifically, I have two 4GB kits of 8500C5Df that are versions 1.1 and 1.2


I tried to find a set of 1.1 to match, but was unable to do so. I'd gladly trade 1 of the sets for a full 8GB matched set! =)


Anyhow, considering that's probably not an option - what are the differences in memory and controller brands if any?


I've got a brand new Gigabyte EP45-UD3P I've been able to luckily stumble upon, and want to make sure I can get these things running smoothly with all 8GB at their rated 1066 which I see is possible.



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Thanks for the quick reply, appreciated. They do run together on a crappy Asus P5Q Pro Turbo with 8GB installed, but at 860 speeds with timing tightened to 4-4-4-12 which runs rock solid.


They would post on this board at 1066, but lock on Windows load.


Here's to hoping the Gigabyte board does better I guess :P Any chance it'd be the board in this case? I also recently upgraded my PSU (in my sys specs) in hopes it'd have marginally cleaner power and more just in case.


Probably with the money spent messing with this thing I should have just gone for a complete CPU/mobo/ram upgrade haha oh well, such is being an 'enthusiast'.


I would figure the Micro ICs would obviously be better, or am I mistaken?

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Both the PSCs and Microns are very solid or we would not use them.


You have 2 potential issues influencing your success or lack thereof.


1. Mixing 2 different types of ICs can cause issues. This may or may not be playing into your OC limit on either or both boards. There's a myriad of factors that can play into it.


2. The real limit with any 4 modules is your memory controller. You may have to play with the memory controller voltage to accomodate 4 modules.


Again, it's hit or miss and up to you to experiment and find the "sweet spot".

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Thanks again! To note, I didn't mean that in a negative way between IC's - just like Apple uses different LCD's between batches of iPhone 4's as an example... neither better nor worse, but you can tell some are different (different white balance and max brightness for example... while the max brightness on both are already very good). :)


Thanks again, I shall play around and hopefully come out with what I want.

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