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CMPSU-650TX 650W RT 12V plugs reversed?


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I just got this from NewEgg and replaced the old supply with it. Computer won't boot, red blinking light instead of green power on light, no fans, etc. This is an HPdc5750 Athlon64 x2, several SATA and IDE drives, Radeon 5400 series card, nice computer, old P.S. was 400W rated and wheezing from exertion.


The wires on the separate 6+2 pin 12v cables are color-reversed from the ones on the original PS that worked (It has a four pin plug, but offsetting the Corsair plug gets it socketed, no problem). BUT, the Corsair supply has yellow wires and black wires reversed from the same plug on the original supply. And I am not looking at the plug upside down because (A) it fits into the socket and (B) the little plastic latch is on the same side as on the socket. Haven't check with VOM yet, but if the Corsair's plugs ARE wired backwards, that would certainly kill the P.S. from starting up. Anybody else have this? Brand new P.S. If this IS the problem, can those pins be removed from the plug and switched around? That would be the simplest and quickest fix without having to ship back and forth. I know that can be difficult with Molex-type connectors. Thanks. Just got this thing yesterday and spent a frustrating hour and a half trying to figure out the problem, naturally I didn't have my VOM with me.

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6+2 are the PCIE cables, 4+4 is the EPS 12v connector that should be plugged into the motherboard. There should be 4 yellow wires and 4 black wires. The yellow wires should be on the same side as the clip on the connector, which would lock the connector into place when plugged into the motherboard.



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To test the basic functionality of the PSU and to see if it is able to respond properly to a power on signal I would suggest doing the test outline here:




If the PSU does not turn on, then its got to be causing the problems, but if it turns on and stays on then its possible that there is some other problem, and I would test the PSU in a different system to be sure.

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