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Voyager 16GB suddenly stopped working, RMA time?


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So, my flash drive was working perfectly up until this morning. I transferred some files to it on my laptop and when I put the flash drive into my desktop it did not show up.


The LED will flash for a split second every 12 seconds or so. Looking at the drive in Device Manager it still shows up as Corsair Flash Voyager USB Drive however just before every LED blink (every 12 seconds) the drive disappears from Device Manager and then reloads. It looks as if the drive is continually trying to load however something is corrupted and it keeps resetting it's process.


I am always careful with my flash drives and always 'Safely Remove' them from the computer. I have tested the drive on 4 different computers now (2 xp, 1 vista, 1 win7) and the drive exhibits the same behavior on all of them.


I am suspecting (from looking at other threads) that my drive is dead and needs to be RMA'd, but I figured I would post here first and see if anyone had any other ideas.

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