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Poor Instructions for the Corsair CAFA50


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Sorry to bother you folks. I just built this system in my sig and have another near just like it to build.


I bought the a50's from new egg and started my build. I open the cooler box to read the instructions. Half of the parts in the box are not mentioned in the instructions and are not on any parts list. I could not install the cooler with in hand out of box instructions.


I did have to search the net for info and found the mounting pdf here. Even that is not complete and does not talk about or show all of the parts in the box. Maybe the cooler has upgrade parts but was never included with updated info. I am sorry. I am not good with puzzles or guessing. Proper instructions and a parts list for every part in the box was expected when I bought the corsair cooler.


The instructions in box say nothing about the plastic isolator on the cooler. Say nothing about mounting the top plate to the block and no mention of the 4 black carbon fiber washers included.


I have had a support ticket open with corsair. I keep getting conflicting info from them.


** The instructions here in the pdf are better than the in box instructions. I installed the cooler per the instructions here in the pdf. But the pdf says nothing about the 4 black washers. I get back info from the corsair tech. He says I should have installed the washers between the back plate and mobo.


I would like to double check this and make sure it is the right info. I am not sure if the washers are for the 1156 or 1366 or both. The cooler mounted perfect and runs cool. I have ran prime95 all 4 cores at 100% cpu for 16 hours on low fan. I used the resistor cable to lower rpm to 1600. Temps never got over 100f or 38c. No sparks no fire nothing.


It seems like a good install to me. Tho I may not like it. If my install is wrong. I will pull my system apart and rebuild it as it should be done. I would hate to have to take it all apart then find out it was not needed and take it all apart again for a 3rd time..


Dose any one here know for sure how this product should be installed. Do I need to take my system apart and install the 4 black carbon fiber washers between the back plate and mobo.. If so. Can some one explain why it is needed. Are they upgrade parts, added later- something? It all seems like a perfect fit and runs good to me.


Maybe the washers provide extra air around the back plate being the washers make it stand off from the mobo. And with the washers why would we need the plastic isolator etc? The washers, I could not figure where they might go on the install. They are loose fit every place I put them, even on the back plate posts. I was not sure what to do. I did find better info here. Now I am told not even the instructions here are right?


I have never bought a product that has as poor in box instructions and no parts list.. We have always used Corsair products. I am surprised the instructions with this cooler are so poor.


Sorry I do not type well or might talk to much..


Thanks in advance for any help..:):

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These washers are only needed if there is a spacing issue on the back of your motherboard. They can be used to elevate the back plate above components soldered onto the back of the board. This is a rare occurrance and most users will have no use for these washers at all. We have an illustrated How To guide for the Air series coolers in our How To section here.
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