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Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD7 + CMP16GX3M4A1333C9 = BSOD


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Hi Guys,

For the system listed in my profile i'm getting blue screens when pushing the ram hard, normally VMware workstation but also intelburntest 2.5 by agentgod set to max ram (low ram has not caused a crash so far), not found anything else that can blue screen the system, 48 hours of memtest + and no errors, not that i think that is long enough for 16gb but thats all i had lol.


i've tested the in 2x4gb (dual channel) as 2 sets and they still blue screen when stressed, even when running at 400/800mhz

4x1gb nameless sticks dont crash so it looks like an issue with high cap ram


the cosair ram is set to run at 1.61 from bios.


i've since increased the voltages for everything 1 step above normal and the CPU memory controller to 1.300 from 1.150 which has improved things by a massive amount, but it's not 100% stable, 1333@1.61 default latencys for the sticks 9-9-9-25-T2 lasted 20 hours, but then blue screened


windows has been reinstalled, harddrives replaced to te ones in the profile, olds ones where WD 500's, an ATI 4550 has been fitted for testing as well


the bios in use on the motherboard is the F5 beta bios, before it had the F4 bios


my guess is that it's a drive strenght issue but dont know what settings to change so any help would be great :D

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^^^^Yes that ram has more of a relation with Intel CPU's, but when you click on AMD Memory solutions it shows up. I'm currently looking at the Corsair CMP16GX3M4A1600C9 for myself. My mobo will be the GA890FX-UD5 and CPU is Phenom II x6 1100T oc @ 3.8. However, I'm pretty sure it can work (not a 110% confident statement, still researching), but with some tinkering... and that's what I live for! LOL
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